Repair Management Software Provides Many Advantages

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Software Company

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Most technicians have years of experience; they seem to have a sixth sense about what is wrong with the vehicle. However, this talent aside, you can’t rely solely on the technician to do everything. You also have administrative staff to work with the customers and need to ensure that everything meshes well and runs smoothly. The best way to do that is to purchase, set-up, and use repair management software.

Everyone can benefit. For example, the administrative assistant can quickly look up customer information to streamline the check-in process. They can also make notes of what the customer wants and generate an estimate for pricing that the customer signs if they agree to it. Then, the repair order can be sent to the back for the technician, who starts working on it or puts it in the right order if there are many vehicles in line. Once the work is complete, the technician brings the keys back, the administrative assistant can print out the bill, and the customer can pay and receive their receipt.

While the process is simple and repetitive in many industries, it works well because the customer isn’t bothered with a lot of questions and knows that the work is being done while they wait.

Works for Callers, Too

Most people rarely think about the customers who call the business first. However, the management software can benefit these customers. They may call to schedule an appointment for repairs, and you can quickly pull up the calendar to give them open dates/times and put their name in the scheduling tool to remind you that they’re coming in. You can also pull up the caller’s information quickly or quickly quote them an estimated price over the phone to give them a better idea of what the work will cost. Management software doesn’t just help in-store customers, but those who call, as well. Click here for more information.