Top 2 Smart Farming Technologies

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Software Company

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Smart farming is a concept that entails the use of technology to manage farms and improve yield in terms of quality and quantity. Some emerging smart farming technologies include robotics, IoT, AI, and drones. Over the past decade, smart solutions have revolutionized agricultural practices. Read on to learn about the latest smart farming technologies and solutions in the agriculture sector.

Here are the top two smart farming technologies that are expected to change farming as we know it.

Autonomous Tractors

Tractors are an integral part of farming. Farmers spend hours driving tractors around the farm to perform different activities, including preparing the soil, hauling heavy material, etc. Luckily, automation in driving technologies has reached the farming landscape.

 Companies are working on autonomous tractors that offer several benefits to farmers. Apart from saving time, these machines can also minimize farmer’s interaction with pesticides and other chemicals during weeding.

Smart Irrigation

Changing seasons affects crop yield worldwide. Plus, monitoring the right water supply to enhance yield can be a tough job for farmers. Both excess water and lack of it can damage the plants. Therefore, smart farming technologies have stepped in to help.

Smart AI-based irrigation solutions are designed to ensure water delivery to crops and minimal wastage. It works by sensing the soil conditions, such as humidity, moisture, and temperature, to automatically execute drip irrigation as required.

The Bottom Line

These are only the top two smart farming technologies that have revolutionized farming. Over the last few decades, several other technological advancements have emerged and are readily accepted into mainstream farming.