How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows Operating Systems

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Software Company

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Photos, audio and video recordings, and all types of files, folders, and documents can be lost due to any number of accidental issues, viruses, or formatting errors. Many people assume that when this happens, there is no way to recover deleted files. Windows users have the ability to use Amrev Technologies software to restore deleted files.

It is essential to avoid attempting to save anything to the drive after the issue is discovered. The more you try to save data to the same storage media, the more challenging it will be to recover deleted files. Windows users can still store to another hard drive, external storage system, or another storage device.

Download the Recovery Software

Ideally, look for a software version that allows you to download a trial option to recover deleted files. Windows users can use this trial to preview what can be recovered before purchasing the software.

Be sure to download the trial data recovery software to a fixed drive that is different than the drive with the deleted files. This allows the software to scan the drive containing the deleted files without also overwriting any data. Next, select the files to recover, choose the folder to save the recovered files, and the software will complete the recovery process.

Always look for data recovery software designed for Windows operating systems. Check the reputation of the company and preview the process for completing the scan and data recovery. The best software solutions provide step-by-step instructions, videos, and helpful tips for maximizing data recovery on any type of storage media.