Four-AXIS SCARA Industrial Robots Offering Speed and Efficiency

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Technology

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To address the challenges of meeting assembly line cycle times while maintaining continuous process motion, leading pioneers in industrial robots have pursued the most requested basic performance capabilities across multiple industries: quick acceleration, continuous high-speed motion and precise stops. An outstandingly successful result has been the SCARA integrated robot that attains true high-speed performance.

The Efficient and Space-Saving Option

Because of the compact and high-speed capability of SCARA robots, the development of revolutionary high-speed picking programs becomes achievable in such applications as assembly processes and packaging for medical supplies, food and cosmetics.

Flexible, Ceiling-Mounted Robots

The four-axis, ceiling-gantry-mounted SCARA integrated robots implement a long-stroke Cartesian robot, achieving high design efficiency. The coordinated swivel and slide motions achieve 17-percent faster speeds than other standard Cartesian robots.

These integrated designs also take up as much as 40 percent less space and can save as much as 20 percent in equipment capital by eliminating the use of conveyors. They’re also CE and ANSI compliant.

SCARA Design Features

  • High-Speed Motion
  • Continuous Motion
  • Vibration Control
  • Light Weight
  • Floor or Ceiling Mounting
  • Five-Kg Payload
  • 200 to 300 mm Reach
  • 0.56-Second Cycle Time
  • Built-In Ethernet
  • External Battery

Industry-Leading Manufacturers

DENSO Robotics has been a pioneer in assembly line robots and industry automation since the 1960s. Their work includes manufacturing and design for industrial robot arms, such as the four-axis SCARA robots and five-axis and six-axis articulated designs.

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