Leading Industrial Robotics Manufacturer Gives Industry Update

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Technology

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The jack of all trades now comes in the form of an industrial robotic arm that prioritizes output and lowers the overall cost of ownership, especially as time goes on? From medium to maximum payload, the flexibly mounted machine is a favorite for customers of robotic manufacturing companies. Design updates ensure increasingly dynamic values, higher velocity across each axis, and a larger workspace in the envelope. An adjustable payload capacity works within the space provided; plus, what can be done with the arms is limited only by installation position angles.

To achieve minimal cycle times and faster axis velocity, software added to the hardware changes motion modes based on the tech’s desire. For anyone with software experience, plug and play best describes the integration.

Who’s Using the Robotic Arm?

At first, robotic manufacturing companies served larger industrial customers and distributed mainly large-size products much like those in automotive production warehouses. More and more companies have access to machinery because of lower costs across supply chains. Democratization leads to even more cost savings, and the cycle keeps feeding itself. For those buying straight from the manufacturer, freeing up human capital for other purposes is their main motivation.

Take a 3D printing operation for example; if their main concern is prototyping, then an industrial robot arm can be of assistance with the type of precision they need.

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