Why to choose AODD pump for critical applications?

by | May 28, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Air diaphragm pumps use compressed air as a power source for their working. Known for their good suction lift, they handle sludges/slurries very well. Along with solids, they are also well known to handle viscous liquids.

The major applications wherein Sandpiper AODD pumps work well are:

  • Tanker/Drum/Tank Unloading application

  • Filter Press

  • Acidic / Corrosive chemicals

  • Settling Liquids

  • Handling of critical liquids

  • Injection

  • Mixing and Bulk Transfers

  • In the oil and gas industry Sandpiper pumps can be used for multiple applications like lube oil, glycol, diesel fuel, sea water pumping, Sump transfer, drum transfers or even utility applications.

Transferring liquid from one process to the next is a challenge for many manufacturers as the characteristic of each liquid being transferred is different. Till date, most process engineers would use centrifugal pumps for all types of transfer applications. But, for many liquids which are high viscous, abrasive, shear sensitive or liquids with high percentage of solids etc. centrifugal pumps may get choked, overheated or the pump might even change the characteristics of the liquid which is not desirable. In these cases, an air operated double diaphragm pump may be a good solution.

Some of the top distinguishing features which Sandpiper pumps offer are:

  • Consistent Batch Completion

  • Better Flow Rate

  • Reduction in overall process time of the customer

  • Once installed, works smoothly on its own – Fix IT & Forget IT

  • Cost effective portable pump

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