Why mechanical seals are chosen over pump packing?

by | May 30, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Owing to the difficult and complex installation techniques and further assembling of all required equipment, traditionally companies avoided going for the mechanical seals and chose packing over it. After the entry of cartridge and split mechanical seals, all these hindrances were successfully encountered.

Nowadays the choice of any of these mediums, is mainly dependent on safety of the environment associated with leakage. That’s when people make up their minds to go for mechanical seals rather than packing.

Incase of critical situations where the pumped fluid can be hazardous w.r.t to safety / environment, mechanical seal (specifically a double mechanical seal) suits the requirement. Packing can never ensure 100% safety from leakage. Other than leakage, another problem seen in packing are the harmful vapors released during the process.

You need careful assessment to choose which method will be best fit for your process:

Following are some of the factors wherein you can think of switching from packing to mechanical seal-

  • Reliability – If you see a long-term picture, even if initial investment is higher in case of mechanical packing, the returns are much higher. The decision to go with a mechanical seal comes with a level of commitment to achieve a true return-on-investment.

  • Leakage- In packing, there will always be some percentage of leakage. The savings in lost product actually pays for the cost of the new mechanical seal very quickly. Also, as mentioned earlier safety is provided 100% by the mechanical seals.

  • Contamination of Product – Cost to remove flush water in packing is saved through seals

  • Damage to sleeve – Packing removal almost always means changing the bearings and wear rings. Many parts also get broken or lost when pumps are disassembled. Sealing ensures this does not occur.

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