How To Select The Right Disaster Recovery Service

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Web Hosting Company

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There are many different hosting companies and cloud-based providers offering disaster recovery services. Different options in disaster recovery are more effective at quickly restoring any lost data in the event of a disaster.

The most effective option is Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS. When combined with cloud-based services, there is virtually no downtime in the event of an interruption in service. The data is mirrored across different servers on the network, building in redundancy in the event of a loss of data or an interruption.

Backup is the Key

Look for a disaster recovery service that also offers backup as a service (BaaS) is the ideal combination. When data is backed up on an ongoing basis, any disaster results in a very limited amount of data loss throughout the network. This is very different than scheduling a backup once a day, which could potentially result in up to 24 hours of data loss with a disaster.

The SLA Commitment

When data recovery and uptime are critical to your business, look for a disaster hosting service with a written Service Level Agreement. This agreement should meet your requirement for the time required from the point of interruption to complete service restoration.

Security Features

Look at the overall focus on security by the company. When there is an emphasis on cloud-based and data center security, there are much lower risk levels of security breaches and attacks on your data.

Check the provider’s record for security breaches and look carefully at the security services they offer before selecting a disaster recovery service.
Web Werks provides Disaster Recovery as a service (DraaS) to businesses. It makes easy to replicate data to multiple locations and get your business up and running faster without interruption.

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