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Finding A Painting Program in Chicago Is Hard. It Doesn’t Have to Be

Choosing to enter a low residency MFA painting program isn’t something you should choose to do lightly. This is a commitment and one that isn’t easy to run away from. Choosing to face the struggle, however, will pay off dividends in the future. With the right program, it’s easy for a modern artist to find rigorous coursework that will push them out of their comfort zone. The best programs may even offer the artist flexibility with a sense of independence. For the artist, this means the best programs are ones that will give them the skills to survive in the real art world.

Getting The Skills to Move Forward

The problem with low residency MFA painting programs isn’t a simple one. A lot of colleges will claim to offer such a program. Few, however, will have the results to back it up. This means the first step for any artist looking to improve their skills is finding a school with a high-quality program. In other words, this means looking for a school with high-quality teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and a powerful support network. This combination is the key to getting the education you deserve.

Significant. Esteemed. Independent.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the few schools in the world with a prestigious 150 year old history. A leader in educating many of the world’s top artist, designers and scholars, the school has continued to prove itself as a leader to follow in the world of art. For more information, visit their website.

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