EHR Software for Behavioral Health – Why Is It Necessary?

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Information Technology and Services

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A massive amount of healthcare providers use electronic health records. However, some types of care require specific features to treat patients better. Behavioral health EHR software is set apart from the others because of the complexities of the care behavioral health requires. Professionals in the field need specific features at hand to understand and help their patients. Listed below are a few features that behavioral health EHR software needs.

No Paper. How much time do healthcare providers spend filing and organizing hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of paper a day? Probably too much. Behavioral health EHR software ensures that less time is spent organizing papers and more time is spent focusing on the needs of the patient. What’s more, a recent survey by Healthcare IT News found that 66 percent of surveyed adults were only somewhat confident in having quick access to medical files when papers were involved. So, paperless records may be best for both patient and doctor.

Sharing. Sometimes, a patient will see multiple doctors and healthcare providers for their behavioral health. EHR software ensures that every doctor working with a patient can access their health records to see progress, prescription changes, and anything else that the patient or doctors need to know to improve the patient’s health.

Notes. Some things don’t fit into a specific box, and has to be written outside on the margins. But maybe someone has messy handwriting, or a slip of paper is lost or hasn’t been scanned. EHR software has every note that has been written about a patient so that it can be shared with anyone who needs it.

EHR software is impressive on its own, but with behavioral health, it’s capabilities and features are top of the line when it comes to housing a patient’s health records for anyone who needs it.