Broken Drive Lost Data Recovery Solutions

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Data Recovery Service

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If your drive is defective, you need to call a recovery professional to retrieve your lost files and data. Doing so will enable you to develop a plan to secure your data better in the future. You can try different software programs or take on the job yourself. However, you can make things worse instead of better. That is why you need to speak to a recovery specialist.

Work with a Professional Data Company

Broken drive lost data recovery can be better accomplished when you work with a company that is a leader in the data recovery field. While recovering files that have been formatted or deleted can be simple for a recovery engineer, retrieving files from a broken drive is another matter entirely.
While you do not have to be a technical wizard to install and operate recovery software, you are still better off contacting a professional about broken drive lost data recovery. That is because a broken drive must be taken apart to review the issue. This can be a complicated process if you are trying to avoid further damage.

Clean Room Technology

That is why the broken drive lost data recovery is often performed in a clean room. A clean room is a controlled environment that is virtually free of environmental contaminants. Even a speck of dust on a hard drive plate can lead to a crash and severely limit its use. Static electricity can also lead to damage. Therefore, technicians working on hard drives wear clothing that is made to reduce the formation of static. The equipment, as well, is made to minimize problems with static electricity.

Broken drive lost data recovery results from various factors. For example, a crashed head or a damaged controller board can lead to a problem with lost data. While this type of issue can be repaired by replacing a component, it usually needs more in-depth work.

If a broken drive is repaired by a data recovery professional, he or she may take one or more measures to fix the drive. In some cases, the parts are rebuilt or sophisticated software is used to produce an image of the disk so the parts can be repaired.

A leading data recovery company will do an excellent job of restoring your data. However, you still need to take measures to prevent the loss of data. To prevent long-term data losses, do not forget to back up your files. In fact, it does not hurt to keep a backup hard drive on hand or to take certain steps to avoid corruption of your files. Talk to a recovery company about what you can do to prevent data loss from happening.