Improve Diesel Operation With DPF Filter Cleaning in Anaheim, CA

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Science and Technology

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The diesel engine is the most durable engine in use, but it isn’t always the cleanest. One reason for this is the way the engine burns fuel. Unburnt diesel fuel, soot, and other particulates escape through the exhaust gases, and preventing this is the job of the DPF (diesel particulate filter). Unfortunately, the longer the filter is in use, the more likely it is to get blocked by the very things it removes. DPF Filter Cleaning in Anaheim CA can help by removing this junk from the filter and restoring efficient exhaust flow.

Diesel engines are used on a variety of equipment from the automobiles to large ships. In between are construction tools such as bulldozers, backhoes, and graders. The list also includes tractor-trailers used for shipping or delivery and public transportation vehicles such as buses. Keeping the soot produced by all these engines out of the air is the function of the DPF, and it is a much more difficult task than it may seem. Several factors are involved including the type of fuel being burned, the age of the engine, and what sort of DPF is being used.

DPF Filter Cleaning in Anaheim CA is usually a multiple-step process where the unit is tested, cleaned, and tested again. Unfortunately, not all companies handle this task in the same way, and this can affect the quality of the results. Issues may not be readily apparent because the cleaning may be enough to allow the engine to operate, but not enough to avoid failure before cleaning is required again. The typical time between cleaning the DPF is 4500 hours or 300,000 miles. A poorly-cleaned DPF can also make it difficult to diagnose other problems including faulty injectors or poor airflow.

If DPF problems are suspected, it may be better to contact an expert that is willing to come to the vehicle. This reduces downtime because the DPF does not need to be sent elsewhere. Waiting on cleaning services means the engine is not doing what it is supposed to, and this could be costing the owner money. Visit the experts at website and learn more about DPF cleaning and how it can help those diesel engines operate better.

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