Electronic Health Records Benefit Medical Staff and Patients in California

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Information Technology and Services

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You will likely have about heard of electronic health records: they are electronic versions of the medical history of a patient. Information can easily be added to the record. It will include important administrative data relevant to the medical professionals who work with the patient; it will also include medications the patient takes, treatments they have undergone, and medical tests they have taken.

Clinicians can use EHR management software with the goal of making all things related to doctor’s visits and health concerns more convenient for patients. Think of an individual who has recently moved to a new state. They have a health concern and want to visit a doctor. Since they have an electronic health record, the doctor in their new state will be able to easily access the records of the patient. Previous to electronic health records and EHR management software, a person would have to make several phone calls and wait weeks before all their information could be forwarded to the new doctor’s office.

In addition to making things related to healthcare more convenient for patients and medical professionals, it also eliminates confusion. Consider the idea of a patient, other medical staff, or a pharmacist not being able to read the handwriting of a doctor. Not only could this lead to frustration, but it could lead to a patient being given the wrong medication or taking it in the wrong dosage.

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