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Why Should Companies Work with Animation Studios in Los Angeles?

When most people think of a commercial, they think of a short live-action clip that involves people raving about the product or service. While live-action commercials can be useful and engaging, animated commercials can quickly grab your audience’s attention. A well-animated commercial is made with expert design and craftsmanship that makes casual viewers wonder “How did they do that?”, even if they weren’t interested in the product. Here are a few reasons why working with an animation company can benefit your marketing strategy.

What are the Benefits of Working with Animation Studios?
An animated film has the power to do things that are impossible or massively expensive in live-action film. For example, if you pitched a commercial idea where the two characters are aliens in space, you’d have to pay for props, costumes, special effects, backdrops, and much more. But animation studios in Los Angeles can simply draw everything–no expensive props or special effects required.

The animation is also bright and eye-catching. A colorful cartoon is more likely to draw your audience’s attention than a drab clip of two people sitting at a table. Even customers who aren’t interested in the product or service might watch the entire commercial just because they’re impressed with its artistry. Countless animated commercials have gone “viral” due to the talents of the animators, which means increased sales for the business owners.

To learn more about animation studios in Los Angeles, visit the Colorblast Films website at The company works with ads and branded films, as well as illustrations.

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